Brain Tumor in An Eloquent Area – Awake Surgery:

Left - sided Low grade Astrocytoma in a computer software engineer with epilepsy and calculation difficulty. Complete resection. Post operative  MRI scans ,and  Interview. After 10 years  he is  seizure free with no recurrence of tumor.


Lumbar Microdiscoidectomy :

The lady walking with a scoliotic gait due to a large centrolateral Disc herniation. The operative video is showing  a conventional  microdiscoidectomy procedure with minimal fenestration ,  under high magnification. The large offending fragmentnder the of the disc is seen being gradually removed .

In the post operative video  she is walking normally without any gait abnormality. Her preoperative Oswestry  Disability Index ( ODI) was 64% which improved to less than 10% in 3 weeks time.

The gold standard for operative procedure of lumbar disc surgery is microdiscoidectomy. However newer modifications using tubular dilators  and use of microscope and/or  endoscope – MED-  are being done as shown in the other case by this surgeon.

Preoperative walk Post operative walk  
Opeartive video
Pituitary Endoscopic Surgery:

Cervical Spinal Cord Tumour:

This Is a Young Adult with an Anteriorly Placed Nerve Root Tumor Causing Tetraparesis with Nerve Root Symptoms. The Video Shows The Piecemeal Removal of The Mass with Complete Excision Leading To a Complete and a Remarkably Quick Recovery Without Additional Neurological Deficits. The Operation was Carried out Using High Magnification and a State –of-The-Art Microscope.

MCA Aneurysm